Hanford has developed a complex safety program that applies to every component of every project and recognizes that this is the foundation for successful delivery.  We know that an effective safety program requires an established culture of safety.  Hanford evaluates project participant safety records and qualifications prior to incorporating those participants into projects.  Hanford routinely works in challenging environmental conditions and understands that project specific safety programs are typically required due to diverse and dynamic working conditions.  

  • HAZWOPER 40 hour trained

  • CGL Insurance policies in place to meet CA state agency standards for projects over $10mm, including professional liability, pollution liability, railroad and builders risk policies

  • IS Networld Safety Certified

  • COSS (Certified Occupational Safety Specialist)

Professional certifications include:

  • Licensed QAL and QAC

  • USACE CQM (United States Army Corporation of Engineers Construction Quality Management)

  • USACE SSO (Site Safety Officer)

  • USACE EM 385-1-1 Safety and Health

  • OSHA 10 and 30 hour trained (all field personnel)

Project-specific safety programs are a significant preparation integral to project planning, and full application of those programs must extend through project completion.  An effective safety program is communicated through written goals, protocol, inspection results and enforcement, but successful application is achieved through establishment of a culture of safety.  

This means that each employee working on a project, regardless of the company or agency the individual represents, takes responsibility for ones own actions and considers the safety of others present, who in-turn understand the culture and show the same consideration.  This overlap ensures that no gaps exist in the program implementation and no assumption is made that any individual is a safety expert to whom responsibility is deferred.  This does not change that there is a clear management structure for documenting and reporting safety protocol, which is also a critical component of a successful safety program.  

Hanford’s general superintendent is the safety program manager and safety officer for the company, and employs a full-time safety coordinator who is tasked with safety duties including site evaluation, preparation of project specific safety programs and site inspections.  Hanford’s goal is to set a standard for safety and company safety culture that exceeds OSHA standards and clients’ expectations at every level, and that all Hanford employees and project participants safely return from work after every shift.