Through our work on native landscape restoration, we have worked under a number of environmental permits and their related requirements. Although installing erosion and sediment control, and wildlife protection devices are typical ancillary, we are well-versed in their various functions and proper installation. Hanford offers our expertise to a range of clients who need additional support installing Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their jobsite.


  • Sediment control and runoff prevention using silt fence, certified weed-seed free biodegradable fiber rolls, drain inlet protection and other standard BMPs.

  • Erosion control and prevention using natural fiber mats or blankets, certified weed-seed free biodegradable fiber rolls and hydroseed.

  • Stormwater management facilities construction such as drain inlet protection, general BMP installation and temporary construction entrance protection.

  • Slope stabilization using a variety of technical approaches and materials including bioengineering (live cuttings and features), shoring, biodegradable netting, tie-backs, vertical soil lifts, and rock placement

  • Wildfire burn area stabilization, and restoration, including emergency route restoration, using the above methods in concert with seeding and revegetation

  • Teams well-versed in hydroseeding and slope stabilization for sites in challenging environments. Some projects necessitate custom equipment for difficult or remote access (track truck-mounted hydroseeder units, frequent off-road driving)

  • Well-staffed and equipped for rapid response for rain event stabilization activities on-sites.

  • Gold Shovel Standard certified – the Gold Shovel program’s objective is that all excavators demonstrate exemplary caution around buried infrastructure; excavators adopt standard safety management elements into process and quantitively measure and communicate success about damage or accident reduction