Since 1984 Hanford has partnered with numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the State of California to restore ecological habitats to their natural state. These projects required elaborate coordination during project planning to manage and budget for construction. Below is an overview of some key projects.


Aramburu Island

Client: Audubon California (Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary)
The objective was to rehabilitate tidal wetland, shoreline, and grassland habitats that support diverse native vegetation types and optimize wildlife habitat, reduce wave erosion and shoreline retreat, maintain topographic heterogeneity on the island and establish additional shorebird roost habitat. Read more here.

aramburu island.jpg

Corte Madera Ecological Reserve Expansion Project

Client: Marin Audubon Society
The project was to expand the tidal wetland and transitional habitats of the Corte Madera Ecological Reserve, providing important habitat for tidal marsh-dependent fish and wildlife, and improving resilience to sea level rise. Read more here.

Project construction was funded by grants from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wildlife Conservation Board, and Marin Audubon Society.



Client: National Park Service (PORE)
10 years in planning, the completed Giacomini project restored 12% of California’s outer coastal wetlands and 50% of Tomales Bay wetlands. This project presented major logistical challenges in scheduling and planning in order to properly handle highly delicate eco systems and endangered species. Read more here.

Hanford received the DOI Partners in Conservation Award for work on this project.

giacomini wetland.jpg


Client: Audubon California
Construction activities included excavation of a large tidal channel through the center of the marsh to improve tidal exchange between the marsh and Sonoma Creek where it flows into San Pablo Bay.

The Sonoma Creek Enhancement Project was a joint effort between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Audubon California, and the Marin-Sonoma Mosquito Vector and Control District. Read more here.

sonoma creek.jpg

Lagunitas Creek Floodplain

Client: Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN)
The project included restoration of floodplain along Lagunitas Creek and creation of 1,500 linear feet of seasonal side channels for winter rearing of salmonids. The project improves geomorphic and riparian habitat for coho salmon and steelhead trout as well as sediment loading reduction.  Read more here.



Client: Sonoma Land Trust
The purpose of the project was to restore access to over two miles of high quality spawning and rearing habitat on Stuart Creek by modifying three barriers to adult and juvenile steelhead migration while maintaining channel integrity and critical habitat elements. Read more here.

Funding for this project was provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fisheries Restoration Grant Program, the California State Coastal Conservancy, member contributions to Sonoma Land Trust and in-kind services by Hanford.


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