Hanford Applied Restoration and Conservation is a licensed general engineering and landscape contractor specializing in ecological restoration, erosion control services, civil works construction, and site maintenance in environmentally and culturally sensitive source areas. We have the capacity to perform excavation, site stabilization, revegetation and maintenance in-house, yet we are very comfortable engaging with subcontractors that perform to our standards adopting an overlapping scope on the respective project.

founded: 1984

Largest 2018 contract: $17m

PLANTS INSTALLED on 1 project: 2,000,000

ACRES RESTORED IN 2018: 2,000+

EMPLOYEES in 2018: 100+

HOURS WORKED in 2018: 170,000

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We own a specialized fleet of equipment, designed to provide efficient earthmoving and construction services with the least possible impact on the environment. This includes low ground pressure (LGP) equipment for all phases of construction.

Our equipment is well maintained, properly cleaned and inspected prior to delivery. When a project demands additional capacity, we rent late model, clean, equipment operated by our own employees. 

Heavy equipment operated in 2018: Excavators, scrapers, bulldozers, RoAd graders, compactors tractors, Trucks, haul trucks


Our business is based on our reputation. With a strong financial history and ethical business practices we have built a stable base with continued growth. Only upon success of trial projects have we expanded into new aspects of the restoration field. Our 30+ years of experience has allowed us to continue to serve long-time clients, while establishing new relationships. We believe we are the mark of stability and leadership in an industry that is constantly evolving.


Knowledge base

For 30+ years we have developed techniques and acquired specialized equipment to facilitate projects in highly sensitive ecological areas. Our management team includes graduate-level trained botanists, natural resource specialists, conservation workers, and water resource professionals. We invest substantial financial resources into annual training for every employee that includes biological and physical natural resources.  

We understand resource permit and regulatory compliance as a key project component along with safety, quality, efficiency and budget.  Additionally, we maintain strong partnerships with industry leading professionals whose knowledge and experience we leverage routinely.


We approach all projects with the goal of providing high-quality, specialized restoration construction and land management services. It is with this approach that we have successfully implemented diverse project goals in a vast range of challenging habitats. Our equipment operators have decades of experience working in and around sensitive and protected areas including those with special status species. 




Every restoration project constructed by Hanford is subject to a host of environmental conditions and constraints including regulatory permits issued by the USACE, RWQCB, CDFW, USFWS, NMFS, BCDC, and the Coastal Commission.  The permits include project requirements for environmental protection, most also include specific schedule constraints or environmental windows to protect endangered species, fish spawning, and bird migration. Hanford has constructed more than 100 projects with these non-flexible timelines.

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