Restoring ecological function for future generations.

Our Commitment

Ecological Integrity

Doug Hanford founded Hanford ARC in 1984 out of a deep commitment to the environment. Beyond just preserving the natural environment, he set out to build an enterprise dedicated to helping stitch it back together and repair previous degradation. Since that time, Hanford ARC has been at the forefront of the emerging engineering practices in areas such as stream restoration, wetland construction, and soil bioengineering. This commitment permeates everything Hanford ARC does, from our solar powered headquarters to our rapport with resource agency personnel to the extensive training our equipment operators receive for working in sensitive environments.

Working Relationships

Hanford ARC is equally committed to building positive, long-term partnerships with our customers. This begins with the basics—gaining trust through transparency and communication and managing projects with attention detail while maintaining cost effectiveness. Unlike many construction firms, we understand the customer’s true objectives and focus on those, rather than the letter of the contract. This commitment has enabled us to build a large network of relationships among resource agencies, regulators, non-profit groups, and designers. To this mix of sometimes competing perspectives, Hanford ARC brings a welcome mixture of patience, practical know-how, and can-do attitude.


Hanford ARC’s commitment to community begins in the workplace, where mutual respect and a familial atmosphere manifest as happy employees and low staff turnover. It extends to our local community, where Hanford ARC donates a portion of its profits annually to not-for-profit organizations, and volunteers resources to local community organizations such as the Sonoma Ecology Center and Sonoma Teen Services along with regional organizations that share our concern for the environment and land preservation such as Point Reyes National Seashore Association, The Sonoma Land Trust, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to name a few.  Hanford ARC Employees serve to support these and similar organizations. Doug Hanford serves on advisory committees and donates a substantial amount of time to charity. Mark Cederborg has co-founded several community organizations and currently serves on the board of directors of a large statewide nonprofit.


Leadership, Sensitivity, and Innovation

Hanford ARC is well prepared for challenging environmental conditions and sensitive habitats. Because of our work specific to wetlands, streams, tidal zones, and in general, sites with an unstable or soft substrate and difficult access, we have developed techniques and acquired specialized equipment to facilitate such work. This includes low ground pressure tracked equipment, crane mats and implements, dewatering systems as well as filtering BMPs and erosion control materials. Our field staff is environmentally trained at the beginning of each job for each unique habitat and are always on the lookout for sensitive species.