Our People

Committed to giving back to our human and ecological communities.

Douglas Hanford, Principal in Charge

  • B.A. Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley – 1976
  • Licensed Landscape Architect No. 1958, State of California – 1980
  • Licensed Landscape Contractor (Class C-27) No. 461167, State of California – 1983
  • Licensed General Engineering Contractor (Class A), State of California – 1992
  • Certified Professional Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Specialist #781
  • Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD)

Doug is affiliated with the Society for Ecological Restoration, International Erosion Control Association (CPESC #781), Soil & Water Conservation Society, and the California Native Grasslands Association. He has been the principal-in-charge of Hanford ARC for 31 years.

Doug has supervised a long list of restoration projects, developing extensive technical knowledge in the field of restoration, as well as knowledge of contract compliance, cost control and business ethics. He has built a business based on providing high quality services, respecting clients, and long-term relationships. He recognizes that environmental sustainability and business sustainability are intricately tied, and has developed a company culture around this. He also places a high value on employees, which is proven by high average tenure and dedication to the company.

David Felciano, Principal, Operations Manager

David has been with Hanford ARC for 31 years, and in his current capacity for 17 years. He supervises projects (natural resource restoration, revegetation, erosion control, park construction and conventional landscaping) and oversees company operations and personnel. David manages company resources, responding to the need for equipment and labor on projects. He has worked closely with all Hanford ARC key personnel, including Doug Hanford for the length of David’s tenure.

Mark Cederborg, Principal, Project Manager

Mark has a B.S. in Physical Science, Environmental Science Option, from California State University, Chico. He has specifically managed wetland and stream restoration construction projects for 18 years. His previous professional experience includes watershed assessment and GIS management, botanical surveying, habitat surveying, mapping, and CAD drafting (with the California State Department of Water Resources).

Mark has been operating in his capacity at Hanford ARC for 16 years, and has worked to expand the breadth of skills of the company. Mark has built more than 70 projects with Hanford ARC. Each year he manages multiple restoration projects, and has worked closely with all key personnel. In addition to managing restoration projects, Mark has assisted a number of project planners regarding construction costs and logistics for stream restoration, fish passage restoration, and wetland construction projects. He has been an active member of the community to establish a community group and watershed organization and serving on several boards.

Patricia Marmion, Controller

A newer member of Hanford ARC, Patricia has been in the accounting field for over 20 years. As controller, she is responsible for directing all accounting functions and maintaining accounting principles, practices and procedures. Patricia oversees the Administration and Human Resource departments, establishes protocols and assists with developing and implementing long-term goals for the company. Patricia is an active volunteer within her community and has served on the Board of Directors of two non-profit agencies since 2001.

Kevin Heddy, Estimator

Kevin has worked with Hanford ARC for 5 years, implementing estimating and project management software and managing multiple projects. Kevin estimates and manages projects that include infrastructure and vertical construction such as parks and stormwater facilities. He has a degree in construction management and extensive experience in the field as a project engineer and estimator.

Contact information


23195 Maffei Road

Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone: (707) 996-6633 (general mailbox)

Fax: (707) 996-6641

Email: (first name) @ hanfordarc.com

Management Staff

President: Doug Hanford, RLA, CPESC, QSD

Operations Manager: David Felciano, QAL

Project Manager: Mark Cederborg

Assistant Project Manager:  Gail Neighbors

Controller: Patricia Marmion

Estimator: Kevin Heddy

Accounts Payable, Compliance Administrator: Carrie Schillinger