Resources and experience to perform heavy civil construction and long term sensitive habitat management while protecting sensitive ecological resources.
Hanford ARC has constructed an extensive, diverse repertoire of projects over the past 30 years. During this time, we have seen the market for restoration projects expand laterally with diversifying techniques, and by volume, both in the number and size of projects. In order to meet the need for qualified contractors, we have steadily and thoughtfully expanded our capacity, while aggressively pursuing distinct project types to add to our knowledge base.


Doug Hanford founded Hanford ARC in 1984 with the goal of providing high quality, specialized restoration services to a market which at the time was in its infancy. Doug is a licensed landscape architect and a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). Since our inception, Hanford ARC has completed extensive and varied habitat restoration projects for a long list of clients throughout the United States. These projects have included numerous applications of progressive methods in the fields of soil bioengineering and habitat restoration.

Physical Capacity

Our focus on construction allows us to stay in the forefront of construction techniques and construction logistics. We own a specialized fleet of equipment, designed to provide efficient earthmoving and construction services with the least possible impact on the environment. This includes low ground pressure (LGP) equipment for all phases of construction. For mass grading, such as peformed as part of the Giacomini Wetland Restoration project, we rent such equipment as off-road haul trucks, D6+ buldozers and other grading equipment, and operate the equipment with our own staff.


Hanford ARC has a strong financial history. Our ethical business practices have built a stable base upon which to grow. Only upon success of trial projects have we expanded into new aspects of the restoration field. Additionally, we have established a reputation of being a stable and reliable company, which has allowed us to continue to serve long-time clients, while establishing new relationships. Hanford ARC's more than 30 years in business are the mark of stability and leadership in an industry that is constantly evolving.


Hanford Applied Restoration & Conservation is a licensed general engineering (Class A) and landscape contractor (Class C-27) specializing in the field of ecological restoration and natural resource conservation.

Hanford ARC operators have specialized skills for restoration projects, using heavy equipment to perform exacting tasks in sensitive environments. These personnel have operated equipment and completed restoration work in anadromous fish spawning streams, alpine streams and meadows, seasonal and perennial wetlands, vernal pools and rare and endangered plant habitat.